Monday, February 20, 2006

CuteFTP is Shareware with a 30 day trial then it costs $39.99 to buy. It looks pretty straight forward. It is available at

WS_FTP is also shareware it costs $39.95 also looks pretty straight forward. You can get it from

FTP Voyager shareware with 30 day trial standard is $39.95 with 1 year support but for 2 years support its $49.95 I wasn’t too impressed with this program it was one of the two I downloaded. It wouldn’t let me set it up without a licence number I think I’d give it a miss. This program is available from if you really want to bother.

SmartFTP with the exception of non-commercial and educational it costs $36.95 for a copy this was the second of the two programs I downloaded. I got it from . Once I got past how to use it was quite helpful.

FTPExplorer is shareware but free for educational purposes the cost is $49.86 for a copy so I guess it falls under the banner of shareware. Available from

CoffeeCup Free FTP is freeware maybe I should have checked it out first. Seems there was a mention of advertising within the program for other CoffeeCup products. You can download it from

FTPCommander this would appear to be freeware with couple of big brothers that have a dollar value attached after a shareware period. You can get the free one from

Filezilla it seems that this program is free with a licence of GPL or GNU public licence for what it says the program isn’t free but you get the source code and binaries for free. I also read something about line commands might give this a miss as well. You can get it from


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