Saturday, July 22, 2006

any questions, any answers ???

MattSpew asked:
Do they have acutal control over, so called, standards or just the power to make a recommendation??

My response:
They don’t enforce any of their recommendations at all the reason for the organization is to improve the internet/web for all users.

Nelson asked:
if i were to put the W3C validated logo on my site with out checking to see if it can be validated, what are the consequences?

My response:
Since the using of the logo isn’t enforced and the fact that clicking on it will show there are errors on the page the only real penalty is that you look stupid for not having checked your site for validation.

Sharon asked :
Why have a site that validates web pages when some of the biggest web sites don't even validate eg. Yahoo?

My response:
The reason you validate your site is to show you have taken the time to make sure it is usable by the majority of web users. Larger site must feel that the percentage of lost hits is worth not validating their sites. From my previous responses these are not hard and fast rules and are not enforced by law.

Ben asked:
I have never heard of W3C before this year, why cant I see the W3C link at major websites, such as microsoft?

My response:
To be truthful I hadn’t heard of the W3C till last year. My answer to your question would be just regurgitating the answer I gave to Sharon previously.


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